Graduation Requirements

Whitcomb Jr./Sr. High School will grant a diploma to a student who has completed all academic requirements as described below, and all other non‐academic requirements as stated in school district policy. The administration reserves the right, in consultation with the counseling department, to determine which courses fulfill specific requirements if a question arises.

English – minimum of 4 ½ credits, 1 credit taken in each year ( ½ credit given for passing the State Assessment)

Social Studies – minimum of 3 credits, including 1 credit in United States History and 1 credit in World History

Science – minimum of 3 credits, including 1 credit in Biology

Math – minimum of 3 ½ credits ( ½ credit given for passing the State Assessment)

Physical Education/Health – 2 credits

The Arts – minimum of 1 credit (visual arts or music)

Senior Project – 1 credit

On Your Own – ½ credit (May be taken in 10th grade if planning to attend RTCC or VAST)

Electives – 4 credits

Community Service – See the Handbook for details

Students who do not pass the State Assessment will need to take an additional 1⁄2‐credit course in the subject he or she did not pass. If the student successfully completes a technical program at Randolph Technical Career Center (RTCC), this will meet the minimum requirements for graduation. Transfer students will not be held accountable for state testing if they transfer to Whitcomb after the state testing has been done.

Seniors who do not meet graduation requirements will not receive a diploma and may not be allowed to participate in graduation exercises.