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Whitcomb Jr./Sr. High School participates in a cooperative agreement with Rochester High School for the following sports: Varsity Girls Soccer, Varsity Boys Soccer, Junior Varsity Boys Soccer, Varsity Girls Basketball, Junior Varsity Girls Basketball, Varsity Girls Softball, and Varsity Boys Baseball. This entails games being played in both Rochester and Bethel, as well as practices for half the month in Rochester and half the month at Bethel. Teams that are part of the cooperative will be wearing Whitchester uniforms, in the colors of black and white.

Whitcomb Jr./Sr. High School subscribes to high expectations for its student athletes and those students who participate in extracurricular school activities. Your decision to participate in a Whitcomb Jr./Sr. High School athletic team is your personal choice. Once this decision is made, you become a member of the team and a representative of the school and its surrounding community. As such, you are held to a high standard, represented by the following expectations/regulations. These expectations/regulations take precedence over individual decisions and should be reviewed carefully.

Please understand and accept that there is always inherent risk of serious injury (including fatality) whenever you are involved in an extracurricular activity.

Before students can participate in an extracurricular activity or the sport, they and their parents/guardians must read and sign the contract outlined in the handbook, agreeing to follow the stated policies of Whitcomb Jr./Sr. High School and Whitcomb Athletics. Contracts are handed out by the coach at the beginning of each season.

Whitcomb Jr.‐Sr. High School offers competitive teams for each season. If there is a sport such as wrestling or gymnastics that you are interested in, but not on this list, please speak with Ms. Stetson about nearby opportunities.


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Varsity Girls  Varsity Girls Varsity Girls Softball
Middle School Boys Middle School Boys  Varsity & MS Track & Field
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